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into_circuitry is a Sirius Black/Harry Potter/Regulus Black community. To clarify that a bit for those new to fandom, it is a slash pairing in the Harry Potter universe. Slash (also known as m/m, yaoi and shounen ai) is a title used to describe a homosexual relationship between men- in this case, three men. So if you are not old enough to read this or not interested in a slash and/or threesome pairing, please click the back button or "x" out of this window.


(1) No disrespect of other members or the moderators. In specific, I am referring to flames. They are not permitted here at all, and those who break this rule will be promptly banned.

(2) No net speak. Please attempt to use proper grammar and try to avoid spelling errors. We understand typos occur, but LJ has a spell check feature you can use if in doubt. The use of a beta would also be another viable option.

(3) Please go [here] to view the rules about posting fan fiction and fan fiction recommendations.

(4) Please go [here] to view the rules about posting fan art and fan art recommendations.

(5) Please go [here] to view the rules about posting discussions.

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(7) into_circuitry is for fans of Harry Potter, Sirius Black and Regulus Black. Harry/Sirius/Regulus, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Regulus and Regulus/Sirius are permitted, but do not post fan fiction/fan art/discussions/recs/news/etc. about other pairings or characters unless one of the pairings/characters mentioned above is the main focus. All off topic posts will be promptly deleted without warning. Please consult the community resources section below for links to posts for support, complaints, etc.

Community Resources:
(01) [Support]- community related issues.
(02) [Complaints]- you can go here to lodge complaints.
(03) [Updates]- the latest information about into_circuitry.
(04) [Fan Fiction Archive]
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Writing Resources:
(01) [British Slang Dictionary]
(02) [Online Thesaurus]
(03) [Online Dictionary]
(04) [Reverse Dictionary]
(05) [English to Latin Translator]

Harry Potter Resources:
(01) [The Offical Site of J.K.Rowlings]
(02) [The HP Lexicon]
(03) [HBP FAQ]
(04) [The Leaky Cauldron]
(05) [Godric's Hollow]
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(07) [MuggleNet]
(08) [HPANA]

Other Resources:
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter © belongs to J.K. Rowling et. al. No infringement on their respective copyrights are intended by the author/artist in any way, shape or form. The contents of this community are solely for the entertainment of the readers and no profit is being made. All fiction, plots, and original characters are the sole creations of the individual author/artist.
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